Bob and his crew did a great job. They arrived on time, explained everything they were going to do, and installed all my new windows in one day including a large bow window and a picture window. Window World also installed new shutters which look great and removed and took away all the old windows.

Larry N.

WW Thank you for what you do and thank you for making things right. Knowing that you stand behind your work/product is important to customers because they will order again. Patio Door looks beautiful. Neighbors agree. Again, thank you for your service.

Raquel Caldwell

Bob and crew are nothing less than amazing. They arrived on time and got right to work. I have been in construction for 22 years. Their professional installation was absolutely AWESOME. They replaced 12 windows and put a glass door in in place of a french door in about 4 hours. They cleaned up and left my house better than it was before. We are extremely pleased with our windows and door and can't wait to replace our last window in the kitchen with a garden window. It transformed our home.

Joe Pangborn

Bob and crew are awesome! Installed 16 windows in less than 5 hours leading up to and before the coldest day of the year! I thought I was going to have to move my elderly parents to a hotel but Bob accommodated them by doing certain rooms and then just moving mom and dad back to their bedroom! Swept up no dust or mess and disposed of the old windows! Very happy? No worries with Bob and crew!

Paul M

thank you for a great job. I love my windows. bob and crew make a great team.

Christine Barker

Thank you Russ! I really appreciate you, Mark and crew. Your attention to detail & clear explanations helped make our new window replacement project a huge success. We love the finish work that Mark, Mark and Ray completed both inside and out. I would be happy to refer you to other customers. The new single, large casement over the kitchen sink offers a beautiful view. The bay window is awesome. Also I like that the garage windows are now maintenance free. Thanks again Window World!!

L Hunter

Today Brian and Joel installed my new windows. First and Foremost, I want to say "thank you". They were on time, used floor cloths to ensure my wooden floors did not suffer any damage, cleaned up after each window install and took their time with each install making sure windows had a snug fit. But wait-Thumbs up on the insulation. Their customer service was outstanding. I am glad I choose WW for this project. Will definitely be using them again. THANK YOU! 1 happy customer here.

Raquel Caldwell

i wanted a warwick ri based co to replace my windows-went to jefferson blvd-spoke to owner-set up appt for est-less than a week-at my convenience-less than a month later i will save oil!-chris (rep)great-office workers-great/patient!mike/john team professional as well as informative/on time/clean/didn't have problem w/a lot of ?'s/friendly-took 5 hrs to remove and replace 13 units-at my schedule-asked if i needed any other proj's done-i will and because of all great serv-i'll be in touch-ty-benh

Ben Holton

Bob and his crew were amazing - I could not believe have great they worked together - they were like a well oiled machine - 11 windows done in less than 3 hours - old windows out ,new in and area cleaned up -- Plus they were all very friendly and respectful - I will have them back when I do the windows on my sun porch next year --

Dawn Goff

Windows installed yesterday. Very pleased with the job done by Bob and his crew. Good guys to work with, very personable. 14 windows installed in less than 4 hours. Very willing to explain what they were doing and how they were doing it. In time will have Window World back to do a door and a bow window.

Daniel Noreck

Bob and his team installed 10 Windows in 2 1/2 hours. In and out. Done. couldn't believe how quickly the job was done. Bob and his team were great! I'm very happy with everything from customer service, to quality of Windows and the prompt professional service from Bob and his crew! Well done! ! Thank you.

Ellen Hoey

I was happy with the windows and the installation crew was very good. The crew you want is Bob and crew.

susan dubois

We are so happy with our new windows and with exceptional service received from our in-home consultant Wayne Farina and of course Bob & his crew who did a wonderful job installing our windows. We recommend this company to anyone who is looking for a great value, a beautiful product and a professional team of people who are eager to do a great job. Thank you so much!

Kim Capella

Bob and his crew did a great job installing our 16 windows. The entire crew were efficient and friendly. I know it sounds cliche but it's true. Bob kept us informed all the way and showed us how to properly handle and care for the windows after they were installed.

Walter & Denise Budz

Bob and crew came and installed 11 windows for the home we just purchased. They were fast, courteous, informed and cleaned up after each step of the replacement process. They even took all the shabby old windows with them for disposal! We are extremely happy with Window World as our choice and highly recommend them. The windows are so easy to open and close and I especially like the tilt in release as I can operate it much easier than the competitor brands. Overall an excellent experience.

Emily Paquin

Bob did a great job installing my windows. I was very happy with his and his crews performance. Steve also was very friendly as well. I would recommend them to anyone. One minor issue I hate to mention but felt annoyed with was, picking up many cigarette butts that had been left on the lawn and driveway. I do know it wasn't Bob or Steve. Great work guys.

LINDA corbett

Bob and his team did a great job installing windows in our home today. They were prompt, professional, worked quickly and left the house immaculate. Thank you! We will certainly use Window World again for future projects.

Kim McKillop

The entire window and padio door job was done in a very timely manner and expertly installed with no problems. The whole crew that came to our house were informative, friendly, and efficient. They cleaned up after their job exceptionally well. I would refer Window World to my friends and relatives for a similar job.

Sally Sjogren

I think Bob's crew did an excellent job. They were professional and thorough. They installed 7 windows and it didnt take long. They cleaned and vacumed all the areas they worked in. The price was fantastic and the windows are sturdy and strong. I could not be happier Tiffany in the office followed up with us and that was refreshing. It's a company that cares about satisfaction.I would highly reccommend thier company to my friends and family. Again the crew was awesome and efficient great job!!!

John Donlevy

Window world, Bob and his crew did a great job for us, we love our new windows.

Zeshan Muhammad

Video Testimonials

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Benefits of Energy-Efficient Windows

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Our Clients' Favorite Windows

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Window World Installers and the Installation Process

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Customer Referrals

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Window World's Friendly Sales Staff

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Window Security and Durability

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Window World Customer Service

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Lifetime Warranty on Windows

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Why Customers Chose Window World

Watch Video - 6:13 min.

Window World Helped Save Our Home

On June 9, the unthinkable happened as we watched our neighbor's home being destroyed by fire, and prayed that ours would not be next. The extreme heat damaged the entire side of our house, including cracking glass and melting the vinyl off 9 windows installed by Window World. Our first call was, of course, to the insurance company. Our second call was to Window World.

Within a very short amount of time (the firefighters were still on scene), someone was on site to assess the damage and stated the process to replace our windows. We were extremely pleased with everything, especially how quickly and efficiently everyone at Window World worked to ensure that our windows were the very first project completed! We want everyone at Window World to know that we really appreciate everything that was accomplished for us. Thank you!

Robert & Sherry Browning
Harrisburg, PA

Fantastic New Windows & Doors!

I purchased 7 windows and 2 patio doors from Window World in February 2008 and installed in March of 2008 for my Condo. I am very happy with the purchase. The old windows were what the builder put in. The old windows were so bad that air would come through the framing and I would also have frost on the inside of both patio slider doors in the winter months. The opening for the windows was not even originally cut out right. The new windows were put in very well and straight and are much of an improvement over the old. Arthur was even pleased with how the windows and patio doors looked.

But now with the new windows and patio slider doors, the outside elements stay out, as well as the outside noise. My electric bill has been reduced by more than $80.00 since having them installed. I am pleased with the work that was done from the sales rep, Arthur Simons, to James, who came to measure, and the installers. When the rain and wind storm came through, water was coming in from the framing of the entry door. I was again put in touch with Arthur Simons. He came out with all the information on Entry Doors and the Knobs and Dead Bolt locks. I made my selection and am now waiting for the opening to be measured and the door ordered to be installed. When I talk to people in regards to Windows and Doors, I tell them Window World is the place to go. The price is right and the quality is very good.

These purchases will add great value to my home. Keep up the good work. I will for sure call again in the future.

Susan Parker
Washington, DC

Our Congregation Absolutely Loves the Windows!

We want to say Thank You so much for the windows and for the work it took to install them. They are absolutely beautiful. We are still just as in shock that you have done this for our church. I know you must have thought we were crazy when Pastor came back into your office to be sure we had understood your offer correctly. I'm sure our chins must have hit the floor that afternoon. We just couldn't believe that we had heard you right.

The reason we had gotten quotes was to see how far off we were from having enough money to pursue the project. Pastor really wanted to push to bring in the funds this year and complete this project as soon as we could. We were really expecting that to be an end of the year or next spring project at the very soonest. Please know that we appreciated what you did for our church very much. Our congregation absolutely loves the windows. It makes such a difference having sunlight coming into the sanctuary as well as being able to see outside. We, as well as the other people in the church, are praying that God will bless your families and your business tremendously! We will certainly recommend you to anybody we know looking into getting windows.

Victory Baptist Church
Peoria, IL

Window World Installers Came To The Rescue!

I had to write to thank you for the amazing service I had from you and your Window World Company. The excellence in service started right away with your first sales call. You came with books, pictures, and ideas and really helped me decide the best possible outcome for my new kitchen window configuration. Your confidence and expertise was not evident in the other two sales reps I had come in to give me estimates. You were supportive of my plan to not do all the windows right away and didn't push. Thank you and yes I will be getting the rest of them done soon. The call I received from your office further indicated that excellence in service in your organization is something everyone on every level strives for. The woman who called said she had my windows and she knew it was last minute but do I want them installed tomorrow. I said, "Yippee!!" and she was thrilled. She thanked me for letting them install at the last minute and said "normally we don't do this." She was wonderful. The crew arrived on time and on mission. The team lead by Mike was moving fast, working well together and totally impressive. They treated each other with respect and if anyone even walked slowly I did not see it! Some of the other companies said it would take three days to install. Your team took 2 hours. This in no way should be interpreted as taking shortcuts. I watched them work and for the life of me I have no idea how it could ever take three days. They picked up all the debris in the yard, damaged no shrubs and Gary, you coming by to check on things made me feel like my small sale was very important to you.

As I was filling out my paper work, after Mike had taken the time to show me every new feature about my windows, someone came running in asking me for a towel. We grabbed a towel and headed outside to find a young man on the ground unconscious, bleeding from his head. Our victim, Cliff, had ridden his bike into the Window World trailer head on with no helmet. Roger, one of the Window World installers, was holding Cliff's head wound together with his hand to stop the bleeding. He was on the phone with 911 and emergency help was on the way probably about 10 seconds after the accident. He directed the rest of us in getting ice to make the hot asphalt more bearable for Cliff, standing in the way of the sun to make him more comfortable and talking to him to keep him alert. Roger is a volunteer EMT and our victim could not have been in better hands. It is my belief that God put him right where he needed to be. The rest of us standing around were sure happy he was there! He even cleaned up the bloody towel for me and even offered to clean the street where a significant amount of blood had pooled. Way impressive. When the fire department and ambulance arrived I joked with the Window World guys and asked if they got the rest of the day off since this was emotional and had set them well behind in their pace. Mike said no. Someone else was just as excited as I was to get their new window and they were off. I had to get replacement windows since the replacement windows that were in my house from a company called Window Man failed. The company is now out of business and I have no recourse for my guarantee. I went with your company based on great service I had from you, your price was lower or in line with my other estimates and the fact that your company is big, I felt you could honor the guarantee if anything ever did go wrong. I will now recommend you to anyone who will listen for your outstanding products and service. I would be honored for you to use me as a reference.

Leslie Deal
Virginia Beach, VA

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